2 in 1 Meat Tenderizer & Marinade Injector

2 in 1 Meat Tenderizer & Marinade Injector

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Meat Tenderizer and Sauce Injector is a 2 in 1 product. It injects the sauce into the meat while you tenderize the meat. This enhances the flavor as 30 stainless steel needles soften the meat simultaneously.

You can now prepare restaurant quality bbq at your home. Just prepare a marinade and pour it in the Meat Tenderizer and Sauce Injector, you can also put the marinade in a container and suck the marinade from the container. The marinade or sauce will permeate into the meat when you tender it. 

Start nailing the meat with it, while you do so press the plunger of the needle to inject as much marinade as you want inside your chicken, beef, pork or any meat dish you and you'll see for yourself the difference in taste after you BBQ it. 

It will prevent long waiting time for the marinade to penetrate the meat. Sounds too good to be true? Gone are the days you have to settle for bland-tasting, unchewable meat in your steak! It's now possible to effectively pulverize any kind of meat, and inject it with rich flavors. Make Chef like BBQ at home.


Pull out the plunger first, and then pour clean warm water with detergent into the tube. Then put the plunger back into the tuber so that the water ejects from the needle. Repeat this action several times, the last several times use clean water without detergent. Use a clean towel to dry the water after washing and store it in a cool dry place where kids can't access the Meat Tenderizer and Sauce Injector.