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    Shockproof Fitness Bra

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    The Shockproof Efficient Fitness Bra for Every Lady

    It features a front zipper closure that makes it easy to wear and removeVelcro straps on the shoulder and back let you freely adjust the fit to your preferences. They’re also extra wide straps for better support and to distribute pressurepreventing pain or discomfort.

    • Front Zipper Design - Features a front zipper closure that makes it easy to wear and remove. Stays locked and secure once zipped.
    • Freely Adjustable - Velcro straps on the shoulders and back let you freely adjust the fit.

    • Extra Wide Straps - The wider shoulder straps offer better support and distribute pressure to prevent discomfort.
    • Comfortable Wear - Breathable and shockproof, ensuring utmost comfort and free range of movement.

     Perfectly fits everybody or size and highly adjustable for convenient 

    50% Discount with FREE Tracked Shipping

    Worldwide Size Selection

    Size Upper Bust Weight Fit Cup
    S 70-84cm 37.5-47.5KG 70A/70B/70D/75A
    M 85-91cm 47.5-55KG 75B/75C/75D/80A
    L 92-100cm 55-62.5KG 80B/80D/85A/85B
    XL 100-107cm 62.5-70KG 85C/85E/90A/90B
    2XL 107-114cm 70-80KG 90C/90E/95B/95C
    3XL 115-125cm 80-92.5KG 95D/95E/95F/100B
    4XL 126-135cm 92.5-102.5KG 100C/100D/100E/105C
    5XL 136-145cm 102.5-120KG 105D/105E/105F/110D