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    Multifunctional Toaster With Pan

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    1. double-side heating, heat transfer uniform
    2. nonstick pan coating, easy to clean
    3. multi-file adjustment to meet different needs
    4. multifunction selection, safe use
    5. heat dissipation system, protection machine
    6. reheating, thawing function
    7. steaming and dry burning, water shortage automatic power off

    Number of bread troughs: 2-3
    Timing gear: 6-7
    Function: Bake, boil, omelet, heat
    Rated voltage: 220 (V)
    Rated frequency: 50 (HZ)
    Rated power: 1080 (W)
    Power: 1000W and above
    Color: yellow
    Product size: 480x192x195mm
    Baking pan: nonstick pan coating
    The breadth of the bakery: 145mm
    Steam disc diameter: 145mm

    Package Content
    1*Toaster Machine