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    Reusable Non-stick BBQ Grilling Mat

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    1.Chicken/Eggs/Ribs/Fish/Vegetables/Steaks/Burgers/Kabobs/Shrimp/Bacon/Grilled Cheese Sandwich and more!
    2. Hand washable and dishwasher safe.
    3. Mats can be stored either flat or rolled up.
    4. The BBQ Grill Mat can literally be used hundreds of times.
    6. Black color used for the grill,

    Main features:

    1. Heat resistance, can be used continuously in the environment of -70~260℃, and the instantaneous temperature is resistant to high temperature of 380℃;

    2. Non-sticky, the surface is coated with PTFE, which is very smooth and not easy to stick to food;

    3. Easy to clean, ordinary household cleaners can be cleaned after a little soaking;

    4. Safety, passed LFGB, FDA food-grade testing and certification, and reached European and American import standards.


    Size: Black 400*330mm(15.7*13 inch)
    Color: as shown
    Material: ptfe coating fiberglass fabric

    Package Content:
    BBQ Grill Mat


    Main applications:

    1. Use scissors to cut the grill mat to the desired size and shape.

    2. Put it on top of a pot, plate or other container.

    3. Put food on the baking sheet.

    4. After the food is cooked, wait for it to cool, then take out the grilling mat and wash it with washing water.