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Skate Shoes - Floral

Skate Shoes - Floral

Skate Shoes - Floral

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Size Chart
Shoe Size Length Of Shoe/cm EUR US
31 20.5 31 3.5
32 21 32 4
33 21.5 33 4.5
34 22 34 5
35 22.5 35 5.5
36 23 36 6
37 23.5 37 6.5
38 24 38 7
39 24.5 39 7.5
39.5 25 39.5 8
40 25.5 40 8.5
41 26 41 9
42 26.5 42 9.5
43 27 43 10



  1. Practical Button: The shoes feature the unique invisible button  to prevent accidental opening. And there is a button on the back of the shoe, press it and the wheel will open. Press and hold the button, push the wheel into the bottom plate and release it.


  1. Comfortable to Wear: The shoes feature the upper foot pad  structure to effectively protect the heel and make the shoes more   comfortable to wear.


  1. Wide Applications: The shoes are stylish and cool, and the Skate shoes are great for skating, party, disco, dance, birthday, Christmas.


  1. Easy to Carry: Small and light, easy to carry, free to install on flat shoes, Eliminate the hassle of carrying and assembling.


  1. Safe and Practical: The shoes have a good balance, so you can easily control the body's center of gravity, and the shoes are   safe to use and lightweight. 



Name: Skate Shoes

Wheel material: ABS

Wheel: PU wheel

Sole material: EVA + rubber

Size: 31-43

Weight-bearing: 300kg

Applicable gender: male/female



1.When opening and stowing the wheel, please make sure that  the direction of the arrow is upright, and then tap the switch  with a certain force (instantaneous impact force).


 2.The direction of the arrow is not the vertical lock. It is the state of the safety lock. The locked state cannot switch the wheel.


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