Spiral Potato Slicer & Cutter

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  • This Spiral Potato Cutter is a MUST HAVE for any individual who adores potatoes! Phenomenal for influencing unique winding potatoes to ideal from your kitchen.
  • A fun and simple apparatus that will spare you time and wow your gathering visitors!
  • Make hip potato spirals from this fresh out of the box new potato twister.
  • Everything you do is puncture the finish of the potato with one of the stainless steel bars through one end of the potato to the opposite end.
  • Embed the yellow handle on to one end of the pole.
  • Place the white handle on the opposite end.
  • Clutch the white handle with one hand, and with the other hand pivot the yellow handle.
  • The potato will be made into a major long winding in minutes. Expel the potato from the gadget when the entire potato is wound.
  • You would then be able to shower a little olive oil on to the potato and heat until the point that brilliant in the stove for a tasty wellbeing nibble.
  • Individuals will be awed by your potato heating aptitudes and children can't get enough of these potato spirals.